The Institute of Certified Wedding Planners (ICWP) was launched in 2008, with its first intake commencing on 19 November 2008. It has been a fruitful and fulfilling decade of mentoring the next generation of wedding planners.

ICWP is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive training programme that will equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective wedding planners and even start their own wedding planning business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our students a complete education in wedding planning through conceptual and real world training. It will give you confidence, legitimacy and a credential like this will certainly put you a cut above others when seeking clients.

Our Aim

As the number of marriages in Singapore continue to increase^, the Institute of Certified Wedding Planners (ICWP) has identified a growth in the number of wedding planners today. Many of these wedding planners have not gone through proper certificated training in wedding planning, thus highlighting the need in society for more qualified wedding planners to organize the most joyous occasion for couples today.

ICWP aims to raise the ethical standards and professionalism in the wedding planning industry through its various training programs. This course will be the most practical, most effective and most in-depth course in the field of wedding consulting. It provides all the tools necessary to work as a professional wedding planner or help you start your own wedding planning business through real world oriented training. It will also help to broaden one’s networking ties with suppliers, florists, caterers and other related businesses.

Wedding planners play an important role as professionals within the industry. They can save the couple time, money, and considerable stress. A good planner will ensure that wedding day ends up being wonderful and spectacular. As such, professional wedding planners are compensated well for their knowledge, talent, time and expertise.

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